Policy for guest players

The Club encourages members to bring guests to curl at Whitlock as a way of introducing them to curling and to the benefits of becoming a Whitlock member. Past members are also welcome to curl as guest members.

Guests are eligible to curl in friendly league events where the sponsoring member is also playing, but should not play in competitive day or evening leagues. Such events could include:

  • Monday or Friday evening games
  • Senior Men pick-up games
  • Day Lady games or events
  • Events such as Bonspiels or Jitneys

In all cases the event or league coordinator should be contacted for approval before bringing a guest to play.

Member responsibilities:

  • To be present and responsible for their guest.
  • To pay the guest fee of $10.00 per game or $15.00 per event, payable by chit at the bar.
  • To pay for guest meals and drinks.

Members are also reminded that a guest may be invited to the Club a maximum of 6 times a year as per Whitlock GCC policy. Participation in open events such as the Town of Hudson, Cash Spiels or Senior Intra-club games does not count to the maximum limit per year.